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Benefits of Talus

The simplest way to leverage the power of freelance expertise.

Grow your network without compromise

MedComms agencies rely on the talents of freelancers to deliver quality work. Talus makes it simple to grow your network of highly skilled professionals without compromising on quality, thanks to thorough vetting and reviews.

Work around the world, work around the clock

Discover the very best global freelance talent and deploy them to your jobs. Talus frees you to collaborate across countries, continents and timezones to find the right skills at the right price to deliver tasks around the clock.

Expertise when you need it, for as long as you need it

Your requirements change, so don’t lock yourself into a single type of relationship. Whether you need a freelancer for a long term job, or a few smaller tasks, you’ll find it easy to source the expertise you need, for just as long as you need it.

One platform for every job

Reduce your administrative workloads by handling everything from contracting, to invoicing, to approvals and revisions in one secure, centralised, and easy-to-use platform.

Control every aspect of a job

With Talus, you have total visibility on your jobs. You can monitor your chosen freelancer’s progress and logged hours, and communicate with them in real time via built-in instant messaging.

Evolve the way you work

From finding and vetting freelancers, to improving efficiency with intuitive project management tools, Talus helps you evolve - and improve - the way you work.

Features of Talus

It’s easy to secure the skills your agency needs to succeed

Access to a global, specialised talent pool

Flexible access with no on-going subscription fees

Thorough vetting to find exceptional freelancers

In-built contracting and invoicing processes

Detailed briefing processes and seamless collaboration

Full control over your freelance spend and contract lengths

Full oversight with progress monitoring

Effortlessly grow or shrink your freelance workforce

Continual improvements to tools and processes

How Talus Works

Three simple steps to finding the right freelancer

1: Sign Up

Signing up for Talus is simple. Either create your account and book a demonstration meeting, or skip straight to creating your profile, reviewing our hourly rates and signing our user agreement.

2: Get Verified

With your profile completed, we’ll ask for some relevant financial information to streamline your invoicing process, and the team will verify your agency as the newest member of the Talus platform.

3: Start Sending Briefs

Once you’re verified, you’re free to search for your ideal freelancers, check their availability and send the brief for your first job. You’re ready to evolve the way you work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can working with Talus evolve the way your agency works?

Why would my agency choose to use Talus?

Because our platform makes your life easier. It’s as simple as that.

Talus empowers you to find high-quality, independently-vetted freelancers with a range of skillsets based across a wide range of time zones. No matter the scope of your MedComms job, Talus will help you discover talented freelancers with the skills you need.

Does Talus charge a subscription?


Your agency won’t need to pay a subscription fee. Instead, we set an hourly rate per area of expertise that are marginally higher than the equivalent freelance rates, and Talus keeps the difference.

We review the rates every quarter to make sure you’re getting a fair deal.

What are the rates?

The rates are specific to each area of expertise and vary accordingly to freelancer geography. Sign-up or head to your Financial tab to review all rates.

How do I find freelancers with Talus?

By using our platform’s search and filter functions.

Our comprehensive filtering system lets you discover the most suitable freelancers from across our global network. You set your requirements, select a shortlist of up to five vetted freelancers, and submit an availability request. Then, you choose who you’d like to work with and provide them with a brief.

How do I communicate with my chosen freelancer?

Talus’ bespoke job flow makes communication simple.

You can communicate with your chosen freelancer directly through the platform. Talus provides you with tailored forms and response buttons to make sure you’re able to brief your freelancer and track their progress, while built-in instant messaging allows you to ask extra questions in seconds.

How do I review my freelancer and their quality of work?

With Talus’ built-in review infrastructure.

Once a job is complete, we’ll ask you to submit a review that covers how your freelancer performed and what it was like working with them. They’ll also be asked to do the same, so that everyone on the platform can make an informed choice about who they work with.

How do I pay my chosen freelancer?

We make payment simple and straightforward.

Generating, issuing and tracking invoices is time consuming, so we remove the hassle. Talus’ batch invoice system means you pay a maximum of two invoices per month instead of one per job. Each invoice covers every cost you’ve approved in the preceding 15 days, and we’ll provide you with individual invoices for your records.

How complex are the tax considerations?

No matter where your freelancers are based, we keep tax simple.

Provide Talus with your relevant tax details, and we’ll make sure the correct tax amounts are included on every invoice generated on your behalf. That’s it.

You will still need to complete your own company assessments, as required by the laws of your country.

How do contracts work on Talus?

Sending contracts and NDAs is quick and simple.

You’ll have access to our template non-disclosure agreements and job contracts, which have been drawn up by our legal professionals. If you prefer to use your own contracts, our legal team will ensure they contain all the relevant information and apply them to all of your future jobs.

Where are Talus freelancers located?

All over the world.


With Talus, you’ll have access to freelancers in the USA, Canada, UK, the European Union, India, Australia and New Zealand. That means you can choose experts in many timezones who can work around the clock to ensure your job is completed.

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