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Talus’ platform is created exclusively to bring together vetted healthcare communications agencies and experienced freelancers. With a robust ongoing quality management process, Talus ensures the right expertise is deployed on every project, every time.

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Facilitating smoother collaboration for more efficient MedComms project delivery relies on a deep understanding of how both agencies and freelancers work. Talus is built on this understanding and shaped by substantial insider knowledge, with quality assured at every stage to help to evolve the way you work.

Benefits of Talus

Expansive networks. Stronger relationships. Unparalleled excellence.

Uncompromising quality

Talus ensures quality by vetting both freelancers and agencies and making it easier for each party to review performance. Agencies are assured of the competence of freelancers, while freelancers are assigned briefs that maximise their talents for even better quality.

Reach across borders

Escape your geographic limitations. Identify and hire the right skills and easily collaborate across time zones. Align rates with budgets, localise projects and deliver tasks around the clock.

Maximise workflow

Talus makes it easier than ever to find and deploy the right talent. Agencies increase project tempo and capacity, while freelancers optimise schedules, amplify earnings, and fulfil professional potential.

Seamlessly centralised

Admin processes are seamlessly managed through the Talus platform. Talus saves time and prevents loose ends, by tying up everything from contracting and invoicing to revisions, in one centralised, easy-to-use platform.

Real-time collaboration

Talus delivers total visibility for freelancers and agencies. Monitor project progress and logged hours, or collaborate in real-time with built-in instant messaging.

Continual improvements

Talus is committed to continual improvement, both by ensuring your projects are improved by the right relationships and feedback, and by investing in the project management tools you need to amplify efficiency and evolve the way you work.

What customers say

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Fiona Powell
"I have found Talus to be a useful source of work to fill pockets of ad hoc availability between existing projects and clients, as well as a way of making new contacts. The platform itself is easy to use, and the Talus team are very friendly and super responsive!"
Jess Ingram - Camino Communications
“I would fully recommend Talus to anyone looking for a more agile, reliable and efficient way to connect with freelancers and manage that workflow. We continue to use the platform on a regular basis and have been nothing but impressed.”

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