Learn more about how AI is redefining MedComms

AI in Medical Communications: Revolutionising the present, redefining the future

How AI is being used to transform the way you’ll work, with task automation, data analysis and visualisation


Transforming the way Healthcare Businesses Communicate using Enterprise-Level Generative AI

Zayed Yasin and Sam Pitkeathly explain how generative AI is changing the way MedComms businesses communicate


AI vs US ( human )

The future of artificial intelligence with other MedComms professionals on LinkedIn and explore how they’re integrating AI into their workflows


Using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate fit-for-purpose Plain Language Summaries (PLS)

The benefits of AI when it comes to generating PLSs and saving yourself time and effort without compromising quality


Moderna and OpenAI partner to accelerate the development of life-saving treatments.

How Moderna are integrating AI solutions across their entire business


AI in medical publishing - are we loving it?

The use of AI tools by authors, peer reviewers, and others involved in the medical publishing process


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